Driver Training for Light and Heavy Vehicles

Driver training for light and heavy vehicles

Modern day safety practices mean that drivers of light and heavy vehicles need expert training to ensure that their standards of driving meet community expectation and are of the highest safety standards. Any business that employs truck drivers needs to ensure that their drivers have the skills to control light and heavy vehicles in their fleet.

The correct skills can also lead to other benefits like fuel reduction and safety control In mining environments roads are often slippery and steep, with control of the truck and its payload Paramount for safety.

Driven training is owned by brothers Ben and Chris Atkinson, both accomplished rally competitors with Chris being the only rally driver in Australia to compete currently in the world Rally championship.

The courses focus on more than driving trucks. Operators will learn the responsibility that they have and their employers have with respect to trucks they will learn about hazard identification a learn even about risk management and reporting a learn about reporting defects in the trucks will also learn defensive driving techniques.

It might sound simple but even learning the correct way to change wheel on a truck will save an enormous amount of time and increase the productivity of your drivers.

Learning to drive on different surfaces is also taught with gravel training and emergency braking vehicle control is also taught.

Contact us today about one of the driver courses that may suit you or your employees.


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