Driving to the conditions at Mines

In our last story we spoke about how at Driven Training we cover driver safety both underground on the surface.  Many mines operate 24/7 in all weather conditions and you will need to know how to handle the vehicle you are driving in those conditions.

Varying road conditions play a key role to driver safety, access roads are made up of largely compacted material, of which can become very slippery if wet. Braking distances can increase and moreover control of the vehicle and safety procedures are covered for ascent and descents for mines and their access roads.

In poor weather conditions, visibility is reduced.  Wheel ruts can form; there can be large pools of water and mud to traverse. In some areas there are tight corners or they could be an object blocking your line of sight. We cover passing and approaching pedestrians and also following, passing or overtaking other mine vehicles.

We reduce the opportunity for hazards to become accidents. With expert tuition from accredited driver training experts, your safety is our highest priority. 

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