Keep An Eye on Your Load Height

Truck drivers must be aware of the height of the loads that they carry – this was apparent that when a B Double semitrailer crashed  into an overpass on the Bruce Highway near Mango Hill recently.

 A semi trailer that was following obviously too closely also slammed into the rear of the B Double: making the accident even larger.

One of the drivers received a minor back injury in the crash.  Before setting out on any journey good truck drivers understand that is critical to know the height of the loaded being carried – many would think this is common sense, but interestingly, these types of accidents are on the increase.

Truck drivers may feel under pressure that they have to get the deliveries done fast, but the safety of themselves and drivers around them is paramount.

Our experienced instructors at Driven training, regularly show drivers how to assess their loads and ensure that they comply with current vehicle registration standards.

Recently, Queensland rail, sent a bill to a truck driver who had crashed into the Nambour Rail bridge – the damage bill expected to be hundreds of thousands of dollars, with the impact, raising the train lines by 30cm.  The truck hitting the bridge caused major disruptions to traffic (essay writing services).

Truck drivers are responsible for the damage they incur when they crash into infrastructure like bridges and poles.

Information that can help them evaluate the sip program and make comparisons in.


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