New Rules for Bicycle Riders

Truck Drivers need to take extra care. Riders are under considered to be riding “vehicles” and they must abide by the general road rules.

Bicycles should keep out of trucks blind spots: easier said than done, but truck drivers should be aware that bicyclists might be on the road,especially in built-up and roads around Brisbane. The average truck has a 10% higher stopping speed, which means that bicyclists cannot afford to get in the way of a truck, as it is too hard for many of them to stop in time.

Some vehicles are legally allowed to take up more than one lane when turning left or right this depends on the classification and bicycles should make allowance for this extra turning distance that tracks need.

Truck drivers should also make special allowance when passing bicyclists as the draft of the track can upset a bicycle balance. Trucks should not drive any closer than 2m from a bicycle and bicycle riders must keep a safe working distance of 2 m from trucks. Truc

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