Why we offer specialist 4WD Training

At Driven we are committed to excellence in Driver training. 4WD crashes increased by over 85% in the last 20 years and often accidents can be attributed to poor driving technique, inattention and not understanding basic vehicle dynamics.

Tyres – 4WD tyres do not have the same grip as conventional car tyres. Often the have deep grooves designed for mud and snow, these tyres do not grip bitumen as well as normal road tyres. Braking distances with 4WD tyres is greater so more distance should be allowed for braking, especially on highways.

Centre of Gravity – 4WD Vehicles have a much higher centre of gravity, meaning they can roll over easily.  Troop carries as an example have a longer wheelbase but narrow track and caution should be exercised when traversing slopes or steep declines or inclines.

At Driven Training our Nationally recognised driver training courses can show you how to control your 4WD. Ask us for details


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